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Open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm
50 weeks per year
Infant Community (3 months – 2 years old: Infants)

Dr. Montessori believed that the human being develops with the greatest intensity in the first three years of life, so it is very important to provide the best start to life. Our Infant Room provides a safe, nurturing, home-like environment where the needs of the infant are met. Our programme encourages the development of all the senses and introduces activities that nurture both fine and gross motor skills, and become independent. We emphasise the development of early vocabulary and provide our children with a loving environment always rich in new experiences. The main areas we focus on in our Infant Room are the following – Movement/Physical Development, Language, Self-care/Feeding, Creativity & Imagination, Music/Singing, Home Corner & Outdoor play.

Our environment is characterised by the following key factors:

• Being a safe environment where children are free to explore.
• Providing beds at floor level that are safe and accessible without adult assistance.
• Organising educational materials on low shelves that accessible to infants and using child-size furniture.
• Containing a variety of surfaces for the child to explore and gain different textural experiences.
• Offering activities which encourage order, concentration, coordination, the development of self-confidence, social skills and independence.
• Viewing the child as competent rather than helpless.
• Respecting the child’s need for independence.