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Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

Our Registration and Management Practices are supported by a comprehensive set of Policies and Procedures which assure our compliance to the latest Care Standards and comply with all OFSTED regulations. These are always readily available for inspection by parents / carers at Montessori Community Schools. All policies are outlined in greater detail in the Parent Handbook, which is available upon registration.

Equal Opportunities Policy

Montessori Community Schools welcome all children and adults; we do not discriminate with regard to gender, race, ethnic origin, colour, social status, religion, family background or disabilities. Each child and adult will be treated as an individual who has individual needs; this will include special educational needs where appropriate.
Special Educational Needs Policy
Although we do not specialise in this area, we will help to the best of our ability. As the needs of all children are special in some way, it is our intention to recognise those needs which can be met within the normal framework of the classroom and those for which some additional resources can be provided either from within the school or from outside agencies. Should your child be receiving any type of therapy, i.e. speech or physical, it is in their best interest for us to be informed so that we can work with the therapist to help rectify the difficulty. The School has a special needs policy, which has regard for the Code of Practice on the Identification and Assessment of Special Educational Needs.

Safeguarding Children Policy

Our school has a policy to ensure the safety, well-being and protection of the children. Procedures require that any injuries or illness that a child has suffered, whether at home or in the nursery school will be recorded. When there is a serious concern, for example where abuse is suspected, this will be reported immediately to the Head Teacher, who will review the evidence and take the appropriate action.
Complaints Policy
If at any time you feel there is a problem please speak to a member of staff who you feel can appropriately deal with it, for example your child’s Directress, the Deputy Head or Head Teacher. If you feel that we have not dealt with your problem to your satisfaction you may wish to contact the Regional Office of OFSTED at: Complaints and Enforcement Team, OFSTED, Early Years, Royal Exchange Building, St. Anne’s Square, Manchester M2 7LA